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Mission Statement

Famous Anonymous  is a movement that strives to change the obsession with the
cult of 'brand celebrity' by championing substance over marketing, genuine art over
hype, and legacy over material gain and instant gratification. An ever growing
number of today's youth believe fame to be the only goal worth aspiring to yet fail to
understand that a combination of talent and hard work leads to recognition and suc-

Famous Anonymous  aims to dismantle the myth of brand celebrities whose sole
talent is in altering perception by deception of the very same people that look up to
them. Knowing how to manipulate media in order to create 'brand celebrity status',
merely for personal gain, should not be applauded. It is time for truth to triumph
over perception.

Famous Anonymous  will encourage people to give their support and admiration to
those who enrich our lives. This movement is dedicated to celebrating all those who
remain anonymous despite having created internationally acclaimed work of sub-
stance and longevity. Fame should simply be a by-product of doing something to
contribute to the arts and society, not an end goal in itself.


Spread the message - wear our T-shirts & support the 'anonymous greats' among us